At Kedron Family Dental, we pride ourselves on offering a range of quality dental care for kids, including check-ups, mouthguards, fissure sealants, orthodontics and thumb sucking treatments. At our state-of-the-art dentist in Brisbane, we know it’s important for good dental habits to be formed early on. This is why we offer dental advice and first dental visits for kids from 18 months.

Modern and Friendly Children Dentistry in Brisbane

Orthodontic Assessment | Kedron Family Dental

Orthodontic Assessment

Orthodontic treatment can help to resolve overcrowding of teeth, extra or missing teeth, protruding teeth and sometimes jaw growth problems. Orthodontics is not just about aligning teeth, but also about the health and function of the teeth, jaws and muscles.

Check-ups and Cleans | Kedron Family Dental

Check-ups and Cleans

Regular dental examinations are important to ensure that your oral health is kept at a high level and that any dental concerns are detected early. This is the best way to keep your mouth healthy for life.

Mouthguards | Kedron Family Dental


Given the likelihood of a sports-related mouth injury, a mouthguard is an essential addition to your sporting kit. A mouthguard helps to absorb the shock of a blow to the face and reduces the chance of suffering chipped or broken teeth, internal damage to a tooth, tooth loss and injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Fissure Sealants | Kedron Family Dental

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are a tooth coloured protective coating applied to the tops of teeth, usually molars, to prevent decay. Usually no drilling or injections are required for this simple, preventive procedure.

First dental visit | Kedron Family Dental

First dental visit

We are passionate about starting good oral health habits early, from 18-24 months of age. With the guidance of our Oral Health Therapist and regular 6 monthly preventive care, young children will have good oral hygiene habits in place to allow them every opportunity to keep their mouths healthy for life.