Having a healthy mouth for life is achievable for everyone through maintaining a balance between lifestyle, good home oral care and regular dental examinations and professional cleans.  Our practice philosophy involves a commitment to the establishment and maintenance of healthy mouths and a preventive approach to all forms of oral problems.

We recommend that most patients have a dental examination  and a thorough professional clean at least every 6 months.  Regular dental examinations are important to ensure that your oral health is kept at a high level and that any dental concerns are detected early. Early detection usually means a simple solution. This is the best way to keep your mouth healthy for life.

At your regular examination/professional clean appointments you can expect an oral cancer screen,  digital xrays (taken approx. every 2-3 years) sleep screen, oral hygiene instructions, lifestyle/habits discussions, periodontal (gum) health check, thorough teeth cleaning by our Oral Health Therapists as well as checking your teeth for decay, cracks, leaking fillings and wear.

Having regular maintenance appointments help to keep your mouth running smoothly – just like your car!

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